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Mi experiencia con el Septum (Piercing nariz) // My experience: Septum (nose piercing) - ENGLISH VERSION

Hi!! How are you doing?

Today I want to tell you how was my experience with Septum (a nose piercing) because when I did it, I didn't found any information about it. And, although, they are some blogs and youtube channels tell us how was their experience, I realized that I need more information.

First piercing. Medicinal (surgical steel)

A simple piercing 

It's my first piercing so I needed to look some information because I was a bit nervous.

So, I'm going to explain some questions that I raised in that moment.

Is it painful?

Not really. I was nervous and I think this is normal because this sensation was new for me. Now, I know won't get that bad.

My eyes tear a bit.

First, a drill. This is exactly when my eyes teared. After that, is when introduced the piercing in my nose. That was a bit annoying. In a pain scale... 6/10.

Note: First of all, I said him that I didn't want a big piercing (I did a 1.6. They told me it was a standard size).

And... After?

It doesn't pain but They advice you that this zone can be sensitive because It can last of cure since 7 months. I am in seven months and It doesn't annoy me.

Once we did it, What have we do?

You should have care with it. They gave me a write instructions. It was a generic paper where they explain how you should care yours piercing.

In my case, They recommended me clean it day and nigght with neutral soap and apply mercromina (topical antiseptic solution) the first week.

They said me that I should be wearing about one or two months the medicinal piercing and after, I could change it. 

Note: There are a days when you get up, you can have your piercing with a little scabs. This is totally normal. This don't mean that your piercing is infected, Too, it's possible that the zone around of your perforation is some redness.

Did my piercing infected?

Yes, It did. And It dint happen because I didn't care it. It happens first two months I did the septum. I changed it for other. After, lot of time looking for a etnic piercings, I found one that I love it. The shop is Comtal street (BCN). In fact, I bought it.

At the second day that I wore it, I got up with a big, big, super big, headache. It was horrible.

When I went to the toilet to refresh my face and accidently touched my nose.... I nearly down. My piercing was infected. In addiction, this piercing wasn't click piercing. It open and closes through pressure and, I had to remove it! So, you can imagine. My nose was imflamed. I don't lie when I say you that remove the piercing was more horrible than do it.

If it happen you, don't worry. At first, I was in panic but, with patient, I cleaned the nose and thank s to two tweezers I opened the piercing and I could remove it. 

When I removed it, bleed a bit more. I cleaned it again, apply mercromina and I wore the medicinal first piercing. I returned to the first cares about one week.

I'm sure about this piercing is not even steel.

For this reason, it's important the next point.

Buy piercing in shops (or websites) 100% reliable.

For all I just explain, please, you should ensure to buy a reliable piercing. Don't repeat it my experience.

I hope to have been resolved all questions that you could have. I invite you to share your piercing experience as well as to ask some doubts you have.

Thank you for read me other day more.

A big hug.


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